Wijsman 2011. Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) parameters for Ensis directus.

In this report a Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) model for razor clams (Ensis directus) is presented. A DEB model is a generic model describing growth and development of individual organisms as a function of environmental conditions. The DEB model for Ensis directus is based on the standard DEB model. The species specific primary DEB parameters are estimated with the Add_my_pet procedure, using literature data and the results of laboratory experiments with Ensis directus. The performance of the model is demonstrated by theoretical model experiments with varying environmental conditions. In following projects, the model will be used to predict and quantify the effects of sand mining on the shellfish community in the Dutch coastal zone. For this purpose the functional response of the model should be adapted so that the combined effect of changing phytoplankton and suspended sediment concentration on the uptake rate can be simulated.